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Fi-Né Artist Press Kit

Approved Artist Bio

Fi-Né is an alternative Hip-Hop and R&B Pop duo that makes music in english and mandarin, chinese. The members Philip D'Avilar and Shu-Hsien (Susan) Lee met in Orlando, Florida after attending Full Sail University. Philip is from Fort mill, South Carolina and Susan is from New Taipei City, Taiwan. Fi-Né is currently based in New Taipei City in Taiwan, where they have just finished their first EP "Crossing Dimensions", which is set to release on April 24, 2020. Fi-Né has an extremely contrasting style. With backgrounds in Indie Rock, Punk Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Jazz, Classical, and Asia Pop, Fi-Né creates music that does not stand within one genre. From aggressive rap to silky and airy R&B Pop vocals you will hear and feel the contrast and diversity that makes Fi-Né's music so unique and fresh. Fi-Né is influenced by artists like Mahalia, Wiz Khalifa, Billie Eilish, A Tribe Called Quest, Tinashe, The Internet, Jhené Aiko, and Banks. The EP "Crossing Dimensions" is about the roller coaster of emotions that comes from being in a relationship. As a married couple that writes, produces, records, mixes, and masters their own music, Fi-Né has been on a journey with many ups and downs. They celebrate the start of an even bigger journey remembering love is one of the only things in existence that can "cross dimensions".

Upcoming EP 4.24.2020
Press Photos
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Fi-Né is an independent music group partnered with Chyna House Digital, and Saturday Studio Taipei.
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