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Fi-Né, an enthralling musical duo, emerged onto the scene in the summer of 2016 in Florida, US. Comprising Suzy Lee, a singer-songwriter and keyboardist from Taiwan, and Philip D’Avilar, a skilled drummer and rapper of Panamanian and Guyanese heritage, Fi-Né captivates audiences with their unique blend of hip-hop, jazz, pop, R&B, rap, and electronic influences. Their musicality transcends genres, creating an electrifying fusion that interweave both Chinese and English through Suzy’s ethereal vocals and Philip’s dynamic rap. 

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          Philip is a drummer, percussionist, lyricist, music producer, recording engineer, mix engineer, sound designer, jeweler, and skateboarder. He, much like Susan, tends to keep to himself and values the skill sets others have. He’s always trying to work with others to create something bigger than himself, and he loves to help people bring their ideas to life. Philip graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. He worked for PSAV in Charlotte, NC. He moved to New York to work for Electric Lady Sound Studios , participated recording session such as Adele, Lorde, Usher, and U2…etc. After that he opened a studio in White Stone, Queens. During his time in New York he was working on the hand production of upscale jewelry for stores like SVS, Harry Winston, Tiffany and Co., Bayco, and many more.

Suzy is an AR artist, animator, vocalist, artist, music producer, model, clothing designer, visual artist, and a classically trained pianist. There is so much more to her than meets the eye and she rarely lets anyone know what she’s fully capable of. Susan worked for AVEX, a major international music label. Susan toured around the world with many major artists. She also assisted on major studio projects in studio for artists like A-Lin. Susan also graduated from Full Sail University in Orlando Florida. After she graduated she hosted shows in Orlando for upcoming artists and talents. She's also a very talented 2D/3D artist, that had several art shows in NYC and Orlando.

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